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Our Mission and Vision

Alignment Association provides legal and leadership resources to support, protect, and equip the Church. Today, more than ever, Christian organizations, ministries, and leaders are facing overwhelming challenges. With over 100 years of combined professional and ministry experience, we are here to serve you! We understand business... we understand church... and we understand the business of church.

churches close their doors every year in the US
of pastors feel discouraged in their roles
deadly force incidents at churches since 1999
leave the ministry every month in the US
incidents of domestic violence each year
of pastors continually battle depression
of seminary graduates leave ministry within the first five years
1 in 3
girls experience sexual abuse before leaving high school
estimated alcoholics in the United States
of pastors would leave the ministry if they could
increase in total crimes since 1960
of all doctor's visits are stress related
pornographic webpages on the Internet
abortions every year in the United States
of violent incidents take place within the church building
adolescent suicide attempts every year

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The Alignment Team

Stephen D. Lentz
J.D., Esq.

  • Founding attorney of Lentz Law Group, established 1975
  • Former Senior Vice President of International Family Entertainment
  • Pastor of CrossWalk Church in Virginia Beach, VA

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Eric T. Scalise

Chief Executive Officer
  • President of LIV Enterprises & Consulting, LLC
  • Former Vice President of American Association of Christian Counselors
  • Served over 35 years in the mental health field

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Macayla M. Nicolaison
J.D., Esq.

Executive Vice President
  • Managing attorney at Lentz Law Group
  • Graduate of Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, VA, where she serves as adjunct faculty

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Don Tordoff

Chief Operating Officer
  • President of 143, LLC
  • Former Pastor of Congregational Care at Blue Ridge Community Church in Lynchburg, VA
  • Helped develop and manage Lifeline, a comprehensive lay counseling program

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